Friday, February 22, 2008

I hate not riding my bike. It is the worst punishment. I don't think it would be so bad if I could do other things. I don't dare run, snow shoe, or do anything repetitive for fear I will injure myself further or prolong my healing. I lifted weights and went to yoga but that is it.
I will try to ride nice and easy tomorrow. I am not sure what the weather is supposed to do, but I am thinking I would be better off inside than out. I can just see myself getting 20 miles from home when things start going bad. Then I will have to recover from 20 additional miles. So I am actually hoping there is a storm. Sorry.
If I still can not ride, I may try swimming. I don't have access to a pool really close, but I could find the time to travel to one on the weekend. Hopefully though this act of laziness, inactivity, and/or rest will pay off. I have the St. George race next weekend and will be heart broken if I can't participate.

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Anonymous said...

So what happened to your knee?