Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Despite Chris' initial pessimism, we had a really good weekend in Saint George. Chris had planned on going down to the race even though neither one of us were going to actually participate in it. As we got closer though, he kept making comments questioning what we were doing and why we were doing it. His lungs have been messed up and had a pending appointment to see a pulmonologist. Racing probably would not be the best idea for my knee. So we were sitting this one out. We were going to ride, but just take it easy and avoid the extended high intensity that racing brings. Besides it always fun to see everyone after a long winter.
Saturday was amazing. It was absolutely perfect weather wise. Chris and I did a lap on the course before the beginner race. I love that course--it is probably my favorite. We then tried to squeeze in the Zen Trail. We had never done it before and got a bit confused as to where we were supposed to be going. We ended up turning around so that we could see the start of the race. We had to get back because we volunteered to hand off water bottles and take pictures. After the race was over we picked up a small group and went to ride the Zen Trail again. It was great. It is definitely on the "regular st. george trail" list.

Chad, Racer, and Chris taking a close look at the Gary Fisher G2 geometery

The gang out on the Zen Trail

After grabbing a quick bite we went back to the event site to camp. We set up our tent and then messed around for a bit. Around 10, we climbed in for the evening by 10:30 the gale force winds started. Tex was freaking out so I took him to the car. Chris feel asleep, but I couldn't with the wind and noise. By 12:30 our tent had collapsed, so I crawled out and joined Tex in the car. I did not wake Chris because he was obviously sound asleep. He woke up a short while later and joined me. Sleeping in the front seats of our Jetta was not as bad as I thought it would be.
We woke up early, packed up, and hit Bear Claw with a couple of guys and then headed out to Gooseberry--FINALLY! I have wanted ride out there for months. I was so excited. Kenny was riding out there with a friend and some of his neighbors so the pace was a bit a slower than we normally ride it. This was actually good for me, because I needed to take it easy anyway. After a couple hours of joy on the north rim and hidden canyon, my knee was starting to hurt just a bit. I decided to hit the main road and head back to the car. There was no reason to push it and I had ridden 5 hours on the weekend. I felt that was respectable considering the issues I had been having. Iam really hoping that everything is 100% soon. I have plans to do the Rim Ride with Brad Mullen in a couple of weeks. So I have to be able to put the miles in.

Chris riding the face of a rock on Gooseberry

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