Friday, February 29, 2008

I am back...sort of. I have ridden the last couple of days nice and easy. My goal has been first to work on volume and then intensity. Yesterday I was on the bike for 1:30 and I felt pretty good. Additionally yesterday I forgot my ibuprofen so it was all me and not the drugs and I still felt okay at the end of it.
On my ride yesterday, I went on my new favorite road--Mountain Vista Parkway. It is short, just over a mile, but it is empty. There is really nothing on it at all. It looks as though it is all industrial land ready to be developed but for the time being it is perfect.
Mountain Vista Parkway

Smooth rolling without a single car

I also think I owe the woman wearing scrubs in the big white SUV an apology. I did not do anything wrong, but she seemed surprised that I did not trust her. She was being very attentive to me for which I am very grateful. But my life experience has taught me not to trust you and so I am sorry that I was not aware that you actually know how to drive and behave with your vehicle in the presence of cyclist. I apologize if I caused you frustrtion and thank you.

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