Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Everybody hates Chris." Well, maybe not everybody, but sometimes I do. And it is not because he harshly rebuked me for not doing my exercises as I should. I hate Chris when even though his oxygen intake in restricted due to his paralyzed vocal cord, he still outclimbs me like I am standing still. I hate that! He is better than me at everything.
For those who know me know that I can be competitive. I grew up being active and involved in a large array of sports (I didn't start cycling until I met Chris) and have always been somewhat athletic. I don't expect to be the best, but usually can hold my own. But Chris is better than me at everything. I can't ever catch a break with him. I guess I will always have Thanksgiving 2005 though.
We met up with Paul and Boris to do a road ride in Park City before heading to Chris' mom's house for dinner. We were on this climb and Chris takes off --like he always does-- we all tried to hold his wheel. After a bit Boris and then Paul dropped off. I continued to stay with him. He glanced back and I was still there. He later told me how surprised he was to see me because he was pushing, but could not lose me. Yeah, I will always have that. We won't mention the hundreds of times dropped me.
I don't always hate Chris, usually I am quite fond of him. It is just every once in a while; the rest of the time he is the best.


bradkeyes said...

I hate Chris. I think I'll have some T's made up with that saying. I can't imagine how fast he'd be with that breathing problem fixed. Yeah, I hate Chris too.

bradkeyes said...
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Epic Adam said...

hate him!