Sunday, April 06, 2008

I really like living in Spanish Fork, but Draper borders on a mountain biking paradise. We rode with Carson and Karl up by Karl's house. We had never ridden in corner canyon before and it was crazy. There was an entire network of trails connecting with the Bonneville that just flowed. I am excited for the next time we ride in this area.
I was completely spent and had chosen to ride my single speed for a second day in a row. This was a bit much for the legs. I felt badly that the guys had to wait for me. Usually, I would be glad and grateful that upon my meeting back up with them they would take off again because I prefer active recovery and to keep idle chatting to a minimum on rides. Though I would have welcomed it this time, but no rest for the weary. The ride for me was very constant and little opportunity for rest due to a lack of gears. I suppose I am grateful and will be better for it in the future.

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Rick Sunderlage said...

Corner Canyon is my backyard. I agree, they are doing a great job with the trail system (makes it easier for me to pay my taxes!)

Also, they are working on 2 new trails. One that runs above the Clarks trail and a full on downhill course.