Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It is amazing how things can change in a week. Last weekend we had great results and this weekend...well, not so great is a bit of an understatement. Let's start at the beginning. Carson, Chris and I left after the initial "Ride Like a Girl" ride on Thursday evening. We met up at Karl's house--who was going to fly in and meet up with us in California for Sea Otter. The three of us drove all night and spent Friday with my brother and his family.

Angelyca and Taylah--my super cute neices.

My brother lives near these fans that make it really windy. I wish they would turn them off.

Karl flew in and met us in Monterey at the event site. Chris had a short track event. He did pretty well for his first time. He barely got passed by the leader crossing over the finish line. He did not get dropped from the race though. That is impressive.

Chris' short track event
We all pre rode the course and it did not seem that bad. I felt I could do pretty well. I was wrong. First off, I had to wait forever to leave. The semi-pro left first around 8 am. I did not leave until a couple of minutes after nine. Maybe I could have spent that time preparing better. Once we finally lined up and got called to the line. I was pretty anxious. I took off well, but then we wound around the track of Laguna Seca Raceway and by the time we got to the dirt I was off the back and watching my competition from a distance. It was not long before I started passing the groups that left before us, so I had no idea where I was at in my group. I thought I was in the last quarter but apparently I did pass some individuals from my category. My legs were dead from the get go.
After my feable lap, I waited for Chris. Some of the semi-pro had passed me and I expected him to be in the top of this group so he could not be that far behind. Lester from Delta 7 Sports (you know the company that makes the Arantix) found me. He said that Chris was did well on his first lap--in the top 10--but felt terrible so he waited for Carson to come in and they rode their second lap together. I was disappointed that he too did not have a good race.
Congradulations to Kathy Sherwin who took third and Amanda Carey (formerly Riley) who finished 7th in the Women's Pro Event. It was fun to watch their success.

Carson and Chris finishing.

Karl crossing the finish line.

Carson could not get anywhere with his Arantix. People kept asking if he built it.

Yeah, Rock Racing was there

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