Sunday, April 13, 2008

Woohoo! We finished the Hurricane race and it was good to be a Holley. Chris took first in his race. He said he felt really good. Which is great. I actually thought about him at the end of my second lap. I was out in front and really hoped he was having a good race. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how well his race went. There were only two in my category counting me. My knee was great, so that means I am going to register for Sea Otter. Chris is already signed up and now I will also, seeing that the knee can handle it.
The course was different this year and I really liked it. It was sort of run backwards. I thought that the first half to 2/3 was really fast. Then there were some slower washes and climbs. They were nice and consistent though. It was a beautiful day too. I would say it was just about perfect.


Brad Mullen said...

This is the start of something good for you two. Big thumbs up to both of you.

UtRider said...

It was fun to get lapped by Chris right at the end and see him solo in for the win. Though, hopefully the lapping thing doesn't happen too often to me this season!

KanyonKris said...

Big congrats to Chris on the win! That's gotta feel good!

And very glad to hear the knee gave you no problems at Cholla!

I'd say it was a very good weekend for Team Holley.

Epic Adam said...