Sunday, April 27, 2008

We had the opportunity to enjoy another RAWROD experience. As usual, it was great. This year we decided to single speed it. Kenny had decided that we would ride in the opposite direction. In my mind, I questioned this decision. Why mess with a good thing? Kenny is obviously a visionary because it was just as good in the opposite direction.

We pulled into camp around 9:30. Immediately were fed brats and home made bread from our gracious host. Delicious. We were both pretty tired, but had decided to throw an 18 tooth cog on my bike. I thought it would be better for this ride. It was not bad, but climbing horse thief I really missed my 20. I rode the whole thing though. It was not continuous—I stopped several times, but I did not walk a single bit of it. I had to walk several of the other climbs but I felt I made a great attempt before hand. By the end of the day my legs were spent. I was glad to be back because I really did not have much left.

A view from Shaffer's Hill

Chris and KC on Musselman's Arch


Epic Adam said...

Good times! Makes our little trail network here seem small. BUt I can't wait for some good alpine single track.


bradkeyes said...

Chris, you really lost your lunch on Murphy's? You wuss!

Keith said...

Who's your photographer?...WOW what a great shot! Espeically considering the questionable fuctionality of that cracked, beat up cannister you call a camera.