Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wasted...that is how I felt today at 5 Mile Pass. I probably should not have raced, but I thought it strategically would be a good move. It wasn't so much. I could not get my heart rate up. I had a quick visit to 180 but averaged 170 on my first lap, 169 by my second and 165 by the end of third. This is very low for me. My legs were heavy and I was slow. The hike a bike killed me. I did have fun coming down the gully though.

Everyone keeps telling me that it is early in the season and my fitness will come around. In years past though, I would start the season with decent fitness and just hold on the rest of the year as everyone else gained theirs. Hopefully, things will turn around.

Chris wisely chose to just ride today as opposed to race. Everyone asked where he was and many people voiced their disappointment that he was not there. He is so popular.

The weekly races start this week with a biathlon at Soldier Hallow. I am really excited for this. The weekly races are so much fun.

Thanks for the pictures Adam.

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KanyonKris said...

Nice report.

And thanks for mentioning the weekly race series and their new website. I had a blast at the bike biathlon last year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for Wednesday. If not, looks like they plan to do 4 biathlons this year.