Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love Sundance! After having the opportunity to race their twice this week, I am reminded of this. On Wednesday, I was able to participate in the weekly race series. These are such fun events. They are way laid back and are a perfect supplement to the ICUP series. They allow me to put in a quick—usually just under an hour—interval work out. Then all I need to do is a couple of easy rides during the week and a little recovering. Ideal.

Chris rode hard on Tuesday so he was not feeling so good on Wednesday. He pre-rode the course with me but then took off as he had a family engagement to attend to. He excused me from attending, even when I told him I felt guilty for not going with him.

The ICUP race this week was also at Sundance. This race was not as laid back and it was longer, but still a good time and a bit painful. I am still feeling good on my bike. With the rain we have had the trails were amazing. I don't think I have ever raced Sundance and been so clean at the end.

My group usually starts after the expert men, but today they had some sport groups start before us. We sent Heather up to ensure that this was not a mistake. She came back and confirmed that we indeed were starting after some Sports. There was so much traffic my first lap and half. Heather took the lead at the start and I followed. I tried to hang and did alright for a bit, but she is much more aggressive at passing than I am and faster. It may be a lack of confidence, but I always second guess whether or not I should pass. I spend a little time thinking how quickly I could pass the individual in front of me and whether or not he will have to slow down for me a bit later and want to pass back. If I decide that I can go up and down more quickly, then I will pass. If I think he can descend faster, than depending on where we are on the course, I may stay put. This messed me up today. I used Keith (a sport rider) as my gage. He can descend very well, so I stayed behind some sport guys as we were just about to enter the descent. They did not descend like Keith does. They were slow, but I find it even more difficult to pass on a descent. Most of the guys were great about letting me by—thanks guys. I got caught in a couple of parades that were hard to maneuver through and slowed me down. Heather would have beat me anyway so it is not that big of a deal. It was just more time between us.

Finishing my second lap...and suffering
Chris had tire issues today so he did not place so well. He said he was not feeling so good though and was not that upset by it.
Chris finishing...not suffering so much.


Epic Adam said...

You are about to lap Keith.

Keith said...

Yes, but she kindly didn't due to my lung bursting finish in order to retain my spot. Great race KC!