Saturday, June 07, 2008

This weekend was the Deer Valley ICUP. All week I was excited for a warm weekend race, but not this weekend. This spring curse of 2008 continued and we encountered rain and snow—again. It rained pretty good the whole way to Park City. Once we got there it was not raining; it was snowing. Luckily it was not snowing very hard. If it was winter we would have said it was a light flurry but in June snow is snow.

The course was wet but not really muddy except in a few small sections. And by the time the race commenced the sun was trying to break through. Even with discarding my rain jacket on the start line, I was dressed pretty warm with full leg warmers, arm warmers, winter vest, and ear warmer—it was perfect for the conditions. I got warm but never really hot and I never got cold. The course, as expected, was great fun. It seemed fast. Modifications had been made from years past. I am not sure whether it was due to construction or conditions (snow) or a little of both.

I still felt good and came in second. I lost to Kenda racer again. This time it was not Heather, but Krista. I am okay with this. The race was shortened a bit, so I only did two laps (15 miles or so) because of conditions. I felt good enough to do more and would have liked the distance. Next weeks race got postponed until July 5, so there should be plenty of time to get some riding done. So my next race (besides the Wednesday night series) will the NORBA Nationals at the end of the month.

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