Sunday, May 18, 2008

It was another good day on the bike--probably the best this year. I felt good, really good. We raced Soldier Hollow or the Hammerfest at the Hollow if you like. The weather was great. It got warm but never really uncomfortable. They had some sprinklers going on the golf course and I got a spritz on my first lap. I thought it would have been even better on my second or third lap. This venue has never been that good to me when it came to the ICUP. So when Bill kept mentioning how much he liked this course during our warm-up, I just let it go. In the past, I have had issues cramping and the undaulation of the course made it difficult for me to find my rhythm.

When we were staging, I looked to see who was there. We started with the expert women again. I don't really mind this, but their race is much shorter so they like to take off faster. I can't say I blame them but I would rather start a little more mellow. Erika was the only person I recognized. We ascertained that another girl who usually road races was joining our category. Roadies do pretty well on this course because it is not that technical. Then I caught a glimpse of Roxanne as she was making her way to the group. Then there was one more person that I did not recognize. I started wondering who I would be giving my money to today.
The categories started leaving and we slowly made our way to the start line. They counted the five of us in our category, we got the count down to the start "5-4-3-2-1, and we were off. The roadie started to go and she was followed by an expert. "Son of a...!" I did not want them to put a gap on me, so I chased. I was second going into the single track behind the roadie. She slowed on the dirt as we climbed. I was nervous about the others catching and screamed GO!. This took place in my head of course. As we enterned the double track, I jumped pass her and pushed. I kept thinking if I could get a good gap, I might be able to hold it to the end. I felt strong and my heart rate was high just where I like it. I weaved around the course looking to see where everyone else was. So far so good. I climbed the usual "hike a bike". I was breathing hard but still felt strong. When we got to the climb into the meadow, I could not really see anyone but some guys from another group behind me. I tried not to slow.

On my second lap, I was still unsure where everyone else was at, so I tried to just keep a good rhythm. I rode consistent and made the "hike a bike" the second time--not the third though. I caught a glimpse of Chris descending after the meadow but could not see what place he was in. I hoped he felt good as well. My second and third lap went much like my first. Probably a bit slower due to fatigue, but I tried to keep my heart rate up. The whole time I tried to look back to see if I was going to get caught. I was able to hold off until the end. I had pushed hard, but I still felt amazing. I think my blood is healthy again.

Maybe Chris is right and consuming calories consistently really helps. I did not use a camel back but just used bottles that had calories in them--CarboRocket. That Brad Keyes might be on to something as Chris eloquently pointed out I did "Hydrate, Endure, and Win" just like is claimed.

Chris felt pretty good and finished in 3rd.

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bradkeyes said...

How many bottles of CarboRocket would like and in what flavor? I'll overnight them.

Congrats on the win and I'll give you your tube back at Sundance on Wed. I promise.