Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I just got back from the weekly race and it was so good. I love my single speed especially at Sundance. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly—I heard it on sports center once but not about cycling obviously because it is never covered. This course was made for a single speed.

There was some good competition there tonight—similar to an ICUP race. We start with the sport men so a good position going into the single track climb is crucial. We catch some of the slower expert men pretty quickly on the first climb, but they are usually pretty good about letting us pass. I entered in decent position and was able to pass a couple guys. Kristin (Kenda) raced again. She entered the single track a couple ahead of me and I hung with her for a while. But she gapped me on the back side of Archies. I think I finished fourth among our start group (including the guys) and second among the women. If the climb were longer I may have placed better among the guys, but Kristin was gone. After the race everyone kept telling me how fast she was. I kept thinking to myself “yeah, I know. I was racing her.”

I did another half lap as a cool down and rode with Jolene and Tasha for a bit. Great job you guys.

They rescheduled the biathlon from last week for Monday. Weather looks like it could really start warming up. That would be great...for a while.

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Brad Mullen said...

I'm glad I didn't show up or I would have been one of those experts you quickly pass. I'm looking forward to these Wednesday races to see if I can stay ahead of you :-) I can't believe how much you have improved over the last 2 years. You are an excellent role model for young girls that want to "ride like a girl". Keep it up KC, we're all behind you.