Saturday, June 14, 2008

No ICUP race this weekend, so the plan was to ride ourselves into a coma this week. It almost worked. I spent 21 plus hours on the bike this week and it was good.

On Thursday, I time trialed up Squaw Peak Road. It took me just under 30 minutes—29:56. My goal was sub 30 so I was pleased with the time. I could not get my heart rate up though. It stayed in the 160's until the final ascent. Then I came back down and met Chris just below the gate and headed back up with him. The second time was nice and easy.

Provo Canyon is crazy green for this time of year.

Today was almost five of those hours. We rode all around Provo Canyon. We started at the race course, then took Betty's, down Dry Canyon, back to Betty's down Frank's and then down Dragon's Back. We headed towards Squaw Peak Road and rode up to Bonneville took it towards the canyon and then headed up to South Fork. We rode South Fork came back down and then did all of Bonneville South including the Burn Trail and back to the car.

View from below Betty's looking at the Race Course

Bonneville bucked me off today and I got a big gash in my fork. "Son of a..." Chris was behind me and we were just heading towards Bridal Veil. Then I apparently hit a rock and the next thing I know my face is in the brush. I was all tangled up in my bike still clipped in. Chris had to take my bike and then help me up as I was falling off (down from) the trail. Besides the fork though, there was not any damage. The first scratch on a new bike always hurts the worst. At least it is over and I don't have to worry about it anymore.



ER Dog said...

You two always have to out do us! We did a 3.5 hour ride so you two log 5! Wow!

bradkeyes said...

I don't even work 21 hours a week.

Olivia said...

Sorry about the new bike! I know how excited you were about that new shiny thing!!! But it's real now.