Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, I may not be riding much this week but I am definitely feeling it. I had been on a string of good luck, but it has ended. I am all about crashing lately. It started a couple weeks ago on Bonneville South. I hit the rock and just went down. I figured okay; it happens periodically and it had been awhile. Well, then on Tuesday I was riding up Provo Canyon. I had climbed up Betty's and was heading down towards Dry Canyon. I did not see it but apparently there is a root that is angled just right. It can stop a 29 inch wheeled bike cold. I flew off and the bike flipped land essentially right on its head. I was riding by myself and no one was around to witness the fiasco luckily. I brushed myself off. I was just a bit scrapped but no biggie and the bike was fine.
Last night was, hopefully, the culminating crash. I was warming up for Wednesday night race at Sundance. On a smooth section of hard packed trail, my bike wandered to the left and my front wheel fell off the trail sliding right out from under me. I went down pretty hard. I am not sure how fast I was going but you can carry a descent speed through that section. I landed on my right elbow, shoulder and hip. I have some good "road rash" on my arm, an abrasion and what I anticipate will turn into a bruise on my hip. My knee hit my bike and something--maybe my handle bars--hit my thigh. I was defeated. I limped down the mountain and sat the race out. Luckily I had not registered yet.
Needless to say, I am a bit apprehensive about Saturday. Hopefully, this streak is done. Each crash has increased in intensity and I fear what the outcome will be if it is not.


Olivia said...

Okay, what's up with the crashing? Things come in threes, right? So I'm thinking you are done. At least I hope so! Now you have to show me all your owies.

Keith said...

Ahh, you know it's just part of the gig. Trail conditions have changed over the last couple of weeks and sections we've been riding with no problem are looser, more exposed, etc. I went down during Wed night too, just after I got off the lift. I blame it on nerves, knowing there were people existing the lift right behind me. Good thing you are mostly indestructible, if not completely indefeatable. Keep rolling KC!

Anonymous said...

Hey do you have Michelles blog? Wendy left me a comment saying she got my blog from Michelles. I would love to see how she is doing if you do- let me know.