Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last week was another high volume week. Not as high as the previous mind you--only 16 hours. We (or atleast I) had my inaugural ride over the Alpine Loop. It was divine. Chris and I started at home and returned five hours (around 78 miles) later.
We also were accompanied by Keith on a longer mountain ride that took us back to the top of the Canyon. This ride started at Timpanogos Park headed up the paved trail to Vivian Park, then twe took the road to Sundance where we did a lap and refilled water bottles. As Keith put it we got "wormified." There were tent worms hanging or repelling everywhere. It was crazy and you could only really seem them in the light. They were impercievable in the shadow of the trees until you hit them. It paid to follow as opposed to lead. When I lead I would duck so they would still hit Chris and Keith. Being short also had some benefits.
Then we continued up past Aspen Grove to the Timp parking lot. We climbed a very loose and rocky Jurrasic Park up to the Summit and rode the Ridge Trail. This was much drier and dustier than I expected in the open sections, but the covered areas were packed and smooth. It was pure joy. We came back the way we went up, minus the lap at Sundance. Keith had to head home, while Chris and I hit Bonneville South. It was a great ride. This weeks riding also included two weekly races--a make-up biathlon and a normal Sodier Hollow race. I was tired for the biathlon and the course seemed difficult (flat) for my 20 tooth cog. I was spinning but not really going anywhere. The normal course was great for the single speed. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting out an just riding these last two weeks.
This high volume riding is coming to a screeching halt though this week. With NORBA up at Deer Valley on Saturday, this week is about recovery and preparation. I have to travel this week too, but that may be good because then I can not be tempted to ride.

Tex enjoying some freedom as Chris and I got ready.

Chris and Keith doing a once over before the ride.

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