Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Tour de Utah finishes today with a time trial. I missed the first couple of stages, but was able to see the crit that was hosted in Salt Lake on Friday. That was pretty cool. Crits are very spectator friendly. Not necessarily a race that I would ever want to do though. Garmin Chipolte controlled this race, but in the end Successful Living had the winner.
We also had an opportunity to stop by the Salt Lake Bicycle Company's tent. Brad Keyes was managing it. He was concerned about our ability to see the action and volunteered a chair for us to stand on. This was helpful. As we were standing there enjoying the race, I notice something flying towards us. I prepared myself for impact, but I was narrowly missed. Chris was not so lucky. He had no idea it was coming either. A racer from the peleton had tossed out a bottle into the crowd going some 30 miles per hour. Ouch!
The next day was the "Queen" stage. Starting in Park City to Kamas, then around Deer Creek, up and over the Alpine Loop, up and over Suncrest, and ending up at Snowbird. That is a lot of climbing.
We met Keith at Timp Park with our mountain bikes. We headed south to the equestrian park and jumped on Bonneville south heading towards Bridal Veil. Ending up on the paved trail, we head up the canyon and ascend the Alpine Loop. We stop at Sundance for a quick lap. Then we continue back up the Loop. We get word the racers are still a ways out so we jump on a trail and take that to the top. Here we wait for the peleton.

A top the Alpine Loop watching the Tour of Utah

My phone takes pretty good photos, but it does not take them very quickly. I had a pretty good shot of the race, but then Boris stood up. So I ended up with a not so good picture of Boris.
After the racers past, Keith headed down and we headed on. I was really impressed with Keith. His shoulder was still bothering him, but he rode well. We carried on to the ridge trail. That was a common idea. We met up with Kris and Jolene towards the top. After descending a bit, we ran into Liesel and Christian and then Kenny and Larry Tucker. We rode with all of them down to Cascade and back to the top and then down the trail to Timp Trail parking lot. They packed up and we took the road and paved trail back down to the car. It was a good day on the bike.
Chris was pretty spent. He took his single speed out for the first time all summer. His hands were rocked by the end due to the rigid fork. His legs were pretty gone too. I pulled most of the way back. He would have done the same for me.

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Keith said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great ride. I had to go run the river with the kids otherwise I would have continued on with the ride. At first it hurt quite a bit, but I actually think it was more therapeutic that I would have suspected. Shoulder is getting better day by day. Thanks again.