Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I can remember getting ready to go back to school. One of my favorite new items to get was a new pair of shoes. Well, I just got myself a new pair of shoes...for my bike. Yep, I put some new tires on my bike. And just like those new school shoes, I swear my bike handles so much better. Chris commented that I was going down hill faster. I could feel more grip on the climbs. The tires that I replaced had been on my wheels F O R E V E R. I have not changed them all season and I have ridden tons. The sidewalls were getting pretty bare. I think it was a good move. And the set I am using now are lighter which means faster. I have just over a week to work on them and make sure they are reliable for NORBA at the end of the month.

Here are some pictures I recently took from the top of my world--Squaw Peak. I have been to the top of Squaw Peak numerous times, but ironically I have never ascended this climb unless under my own power. I think that is pretty cool.

Provo from a top Squaw Peak road

Utah Lake

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Jared and Miranda said...

I miss you! Remember how you used to come over and visit me in the Kress every once in a while?... well, why don't you just come visit me in Cleveland. With those new tires sounds like it will take no time at all ;-) At this point we're about as settled in as we're going to be-- with a great ward, wonderfully used furniture and, oh, right. no job yet. okay. so we're almost settled. I don't think i'll feel completely comfortable until we have a steady source of income. Anyways. Take care- good luck on your next race!... and random- you were in a dream i had last week. ha! ~Miranda