Monday, August 25, 2008

Web of lies=husband of the year.

I know it is a hard equation to follow, so I will start at the beginning. So a week or so ago, Chris mentioned that one of the first Super-Flys to hit Utah County was still at Racer's Cycle Service. It was a small which may account for why it had not sold, but this happens to be my size. He decided to call to see what kind of a deal he could get as the 2009 had been announced. We talked a price beforehand and said that the asking price was still more than what we really wanted to spend or thought we should. I was a bit diappointed but totally understood. My paragon is great anyway.
Yesterday while I was getting something from the car he said that Dot was on the phone and wanted to know if she could borrow my bike for a ride tonight. She has been interested in trying 29 inch wheels for a bit. I had not planned on riding it so I said yes. Karl would pick it up from Chris around noon on his way back from work and return it on noon on his way in the next day. Sounded reasonable enough and worked great for my riding schedule.
We were supposed to drop a car off at the shop so I called Chris on my way there after yoga. He said he would need to reschedule because he just recieved a call about working late. Therefore, we would need to drive separately and he would take care of rescheduling the car appointment. Again, sounded reasonable.
Then I get the call around noon. Chris says he lied about Dot borrowing my bike. Huh? He also lied about needing to work late. I am so confused. I am trying to make sense of it all. Then he said that he lied about the price on the Super-Fly. What? But on his way to bank, he felt guilty; he could not withdraw that kind of money without talking to me first. Seriously!? I can not make this stuff up.
We discussed his plan for a while. Granted as I said before, I don't need a new bike. But a Super-Fly is well super fly. We are pretty good with money and bikes and riding are our one big splurge. Additionally, we are going to strip all the new parts off the Super-Fly and sell them on my Paragon as brand new including fork. Then I will put all of my parts on the carbon frame.
None the less, I nominate Chris for "Husband of the Year" and I am pretty sure he is going to win...hands down.

MY Super-Fly

A gift of carbon fiber....

is true love.

So anyone want a lightly used small Paragon with brand-spanking new upgraded parts from a Super-Fly.


29er said...

Wow! I wish my husband would lie to me like that. You are very lucky, but someone who rides and races like you deserves to have a bike like that too. I have been telling Dot for 2 years to try a 29er and halfway through your post I was getting all excited for her. Maybe she will try it now though. Have fun on your new bike!

Brad Mullen said...

I knew the Chief loved his little squaw. Good job Chris :-) I gonna miss seeing you on that pretty blue Paragon. You just knocked 30 minutes off Leadville 2009. Nice...

ER Dog said...

I think Chris only half lied. He did call me asking if Dot would be interested and She is! We need to arrange a trial ride when it's available. Maybe I should lie to her and compete with Chris for the hubby of the year!

KC said...

Now that's a surprise any husband can get away with. Funny thing he mentioned Dot borrowing your bike, because this was suggested on our Friday ride when Dot had mechanical problems with her bike. So as I am reading I thought Dot did call you to try out the bike. Have fun on the trails with your new bike!

KC said...

Karl- With the amount of time Dot spends reading blogs you could definitely get away with lying to get her a new bike and you would be at the top of the husband of the year list. And as long as Dot is riding in sport and I am not (yet) I don't have to worry about how much faster she will be than me on a new bike. :-)


Rick Sunderlage said...

Chris- Well done.

KC- I think the rest of the pro field just got a little nervous.