Sunday, August 24, 2008

Every year Mad Dog Race Team hosts a charity race. Well, this is only the second year, but the plan is for it to be an annual event. The race benefits Kids on the Move—a non-profit organization that helps disadvantage children and their families in the early years of life. It seems like a really good organization. There are lots of prizes for the racers and a silent auction with a wide variety of products for all to bid. Sundance Resort hosts the event which only adds to its appeal.
At the inaugural race last year, it rained in the early morning and was not so well attended. It seemed like we had a whole lot more this year. I know the women's expert category grew exponentially. I raced by myself last year while this year there were five women. At the last minute I opted to race in the single speed class. There was no one in that category and I had planned on racing my one gear anyway. This would allow a potential for more individuals to place. Warm fuzzy feelings all around.
I was a bit nervous though as my race was three laps which is much longer than I am used to racing my single speed. I fully expected to start fading by my third lap. I felt pretty strong for most the race. My hands were feeling it by the end of the first lap because I was riding without suspension. It did not get progressively worse luckily. I started to catch Racer (of Racer's Cycle Service) at the top on my second lap. I anticipated he would put some time on me descending, but figured I would catch on the climb. He stayed away though. I had tried to ride consistent but figured I was slowing down due to fatigue. Later, I found out he purposefully ensured that I did not catch him. That made me feel better. I was pretty nervous on my last lap and kept looking over my shoulder fearing I would get caught. While I was spent at the end I was not completely dead.
I have only ridden a single speed since Wednesdays weekly race. I am racing my geared bike next weekend so I will have to hang up the one speed for a week. I am excited to break it out again though once NORBA is over.
Pictures to come...

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