Monday, September 22, 2008

In most cases the longer you do something the better you become. I experienced this initially during single speed season. I remembered that spinning and then coasting is quicker than just trying to pedal. My cadence increased. I remembered how to climb with limited options, as in one gear, and descend without suspension. I felt I was getting stronger and doing well.

Then it all progress stopped and started to going backwards. I can't climb what I could (which I will detail below). I keep spinning out or simply loosing power. It is so bad, Chris had a climbing tutorial for me today.

I keep getting increasingly frustrated. Chris comments that maybe I was not cut out to ride a single speed because I hate hiking my bike. I am okay walking if it is not a section I can normally ride. Walking when I should be riding is when I get ticked.

Today was not different and I struggled climbing. I decided to take the American way though and blame my lack of ability on something or someone else. As a coping mechanism, I blamed my sans skills on the changing trails--they are getting more loose--and the wearing of my rear tire. If is does not have the tread it initially did combined with the loose trails, of course, I can't climb stuff. Denial made today's ride much more enjoyable.

Below is a short catalog of things above Timp Park that I can not climb on my single speed. Please note this is not an all-inclusive list.

Dragon's Back

Toward's the base of Dragon's Back

Frank's Trail

Frank's Again

Lower Dragon's Back


Dave Harris said...

Um, and this surprises you the week after anhilating a 12 hour race on your SS?

Silly girl. Even monsters need rest.

Brad Mullen said...

I'm with Dave, you little monster. Think back to your CA trip and time off before DV Norba. Sweet dreams...