Thursday, September 25, 2008

So blessed. I really am. And let me give you a great example. Chris made me a carbon fiber ring a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day. While carbon fiber jewelry is becoming more and more popular (I read an article on it), this was not a mass produced item but hand crafted from Easton handle bars. I loved it. On Monday I was wearing it during a ride and it was bugging me because of my gloves. I put it in my pocket being sure to place it under my pump so it would not fall out when or if my pump was removed. I have done this often and did not think much of it.

Chris's tire ended up blurping while coming off a log that we always ride. After an attempt on the log I handed over my pump giving no thought to my ring. He pumps his tire, we finish the ride, and start packing up. I then start feeling for my ring. It has to be there because again I took care and placed it under the pump. It is gone. I am heart broken. Chris says it is no big deal because he can make another one--but it is NOT the same.

For the next two days my thumb sans ring feels akward. My little mannerism of spinning the ring and pulling it on and off are attempted as a constant reminder of its absence. I decide that next time we ride the log, I will check for it knowing that it is highly unlikely that I will find it.

Yesterday we ride up to the parking lot by the log and I make a straight shot to the log but don't attempt to ride it. I drop my bike and start walking up the trail looking down at the ground. Keith asks what I am doing. I respond looking for my ring. Chris explains and adds that it is not a big deal. I agree and say I am just looking on the off chance it could be found. I had all but given up. As I start heading back to my bike I exclaimed "I found it!" I am so over joyed which was apparent because Chris and Keith had a full discussion about how I am easily excited and draw correlations on how Chris could do even the smallest of chores and I will be happy. I ignore them because I have my ring.

We rode more, but the important thing was I had my ring. I am so blessed.

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