Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 2008 24 hours of moab is in the books. It was a memorable one. Chris and I kept changing our plans on when we would leave and return. We ended up not leaving until early Saturday morning which worked to our advantage. We were told that there was little sleep for those who camped Friday night during to the strong winds. The winds continued to blow until late Saturday night. While they were miserable at camp, they did not seem to be an issue on the course. I was thankful for that.

My first lap went pretty well. I purchased a 19 tooth rear cog. It did not seem to hurt me much climbing but it was great for the flats. I kept that on for the second lap which was my first night lap. My legs were feeling it though and had it swapped for my 20 before my third lap.

I did not think I was going to make it to my third lap. It was early in the morning around 2 am. I woke from what could be called sleep. I felt groggy and unmotivated--worse than I have ever felt at this race. I simply did not want to get ready. I did though and once I got riding it was not that bad. On this lap I kept leap frogging with a Sobe Cannondale rider, Nina Baum. I was able to converse with her as we climbed (walked) the sand hill. She jumped on her bike before I remounted mine so she got a bit of a gap on me for a bit. I tried to keep her in sight and was able to pass her on the climb after the Camelbak station. I was fearful she would get me on the faster sections coming into the finish, but I did not see her again.

I looked forward to my last lap. I always feel lots better once the sun comes up. While my fourth lap was light it was not warm. So I am thinking it is the warmth not just the presence of the sun that makes the final lap so good. I felt okay, but not as good as I would have liked.

I felt pretty good about my lap times, but as normal I would have liked to be faster. Check out some results here and here. Pretty cool stuff.

The dark figure below is Chris coming in from one of his laps. Thanks for the picture Adam. Hopefully, there will be more pictures to come.


Olivia said...

Awesome KC! I loved seeing you as the only girl in the fastest 20 in the single speed category. You rock!

KC said...

Way to go. Were you the only female riding a 29er? It looks like it, which means you totally rock.

KC said...

In all fairness, I think there was only one other female rider in the SS class. So being the only female in the top 20 of that class may not mean that much.
And there were individuals of both genders sporting the big wheels.