Sunday, October 05, 2008

My cyclocross season got off to a sketchy start. Maybe it was the weather; maybe it was the lack of time on that bike; or maybe (and most likely) it was just me.

My initial plan was to do the race if the weather was decent. I would consider myself a fair weather friend of cyclocross. I don't love it but do it because it is there—and involves two wheels which move when I make them. I told Chris of my plans and he idly threatened to commandeer my bike saying that in climate weather is was makes cross cross. So while Chris had to work on a rare Saturday, I headed to Draper.

It had been raining all morning and it rained the entire drive. It rained as I finished getting ready and while I went to pay. I have not done cyclocross consistently enough to really understand how everything works. I did not pre-ride the course because I was not sure when it would have been appropriate. This was a bit of a mistake. I attempted to warm up on the road but really I just got colder. The parking lot seemed much warmer than the road so I tootled around it for a while. They finally called us to the start line where the shakes started to set in. While it was not uncontrollable, I was shivering pretty good. I was surprised that while everyone looked cold on the start line, I was the only one with the shivers. Announcements for us were shunned off because we just wanted to get going.

Then with no real warning we were started. I gained good position on the road, but then I became lost in the first dirt section. There were cones everywhere and I ended up veering off course a bit and slipped a position or two. I essentially bumbled through my first lap, not knowing where to go or what to expect. By my second lap my glasses were filthy and I could not get them clean on the bike. I asked some random guy to take them. Luckily we were near my car, so I asked if he could put them on the white Jetta and then pointed to it. Thanks Random Guy. This then meant I was racing without my prescription lenses. It was a trade off; either way I was not going to have 20/20 vision. It continued to rain but I did warm up just a bit as I was passed by more and more riders. I was so glad when it was over. A bit embarrassed at my performance and in an attempt to be sheltered by the weather, I left as soon as I could shed my wet clothes for dry ones.

I did speak with Racer for a moment who attempted to provide a silver lining—now no one will expect anything from me and I can catch them off guard next time. Possibly.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the whole race and it didn't occur to me that you should be embarrassed with your effort. A pre ride is usually all the prescription you need.