Sunday, October 19, 2008

I finally figured out how to ride my geared bike. It took a while, but it feels "normal" again. The first couple of days were weird. There was suspension, faster rolling tires, and then there was the shifters and lock out. I felt like I was playing Nintendo with all those options.

Hog's Hollow

Yesterday was a big day. We met up with Keith, Tim, and Adam in Alpine. We parked at Hog's Hollow rode up and dropped into Corner Canyon. Chris went down pretty good on some loose stuff, so we had to clean out his arm at the equestrian park. We had used Keith's arm warmer to help stop the bleeding. It was pretty deep and I had to dig a rock or pebble out of a big hole. We were able to bum some antibiotic ointment off some people in the parking lot and we were on our way. We headed back to the top and looked for some trail that Tim recalled riding once. It was not to be found though.

Tim and Keith between Jacob's Ladder and Ghost Falls

We stopped for lunch with Tim and Keith. Then Tim joined us for Lambert Park. He had never been there before and he loved it. It was a blast. I don't know why we don't ride there more. In our grand tradition, we did get a little lost, but were able to find our way back. If we were more familiar with the area I think it would be even better.

By 6:30 Chris and I had evaluated the cost, benefit, and risk of getting his arm sewn up. I knew it needed stitches, but Chris was not convinced they were needed until he took a good look at it in the mirror. We have met our deductible fo this year, so it would only cost the copay. I would be on the watch for 'dirty' needles. So we bravely headed out to the insta care. (This is huge for us.)In the end, he got eight stitches; he needed nine but there was not enough left for the last stitch. All equipment used was fresh from the package including the litacaine needle and his tetnus, which they said he would probably need. I think we are safe this time.


Jared and Miranda said...

Good call getting stitches. Although I also tend to err on the side of "lets just super glue it shut" or "don't touch it and let the butterfly bandage do its magic." Jared has had two recent collisions playing basketball, the first that probably didn't merit stitches but we got them anyway just to be safe. (because we hadn't met our deductible it was WAY more expensive than i would have guessed. grrrr). and the 2nd time we felt we were old pros so we just butterflied things and all healed well.

fyi: i tagged you on my most recent post. you don't have to post it on your blog, you can just email me, but i'd be interested in hearing some "kc quirks" or oddities :)

ER Dog said...

It looks like you could have used a doc and a guide on that ride. Wish I could have been there for the stitches: tradition.

Brad said...

You two always amaze me with your toughness. Stitches, again! Lost, again! It's becoming a tradition. Sounds like a fun time though.