Saturday, November 22, 2008

My wish came true. It was warm and sunny today and we got out for a good ride. Chris and I met Tim at the parking lot of Timp park. We headed up the race course towards the road and up to the alter. We love this ride. We met up with Keith and Joe a bit before the down hill into dry canyon. This is where things got weird. We finished the switch back descent and regrouped like normal. But instead of continuing down we headed up. I was not sure where we were going but after climbing for a bit it became apparent we were not going to ride the stairs. What stairs? These stairs...

Stairs (that I love) coming down Dry Canyon favorite part of the ride. So we climbed for a bit longer. We were apparently doing Curly Springs and came down Battle Creek. It was no stairs but it was kinda cool to do something different. I did get just a bit upset with Chris for a minute or so. We were coming down this section he starts yelling at me to walk it. I did, but I don't know why. I could have ridden it. I hate it when he does that. I understand why--he does not want me to get hurt, but if I don't push the limits how am I suppose to improve? He usually is good about it, but when he feels my life is in danger he gets a bit protective. I got over it pretty quick though. We took Bonneville back and rode the log. We revisited the alter, came down Frank's and then Dragon's Back.

It was a beautiful day!

Some ice over the river coming down Battle Creek

Oh, did I mention that Chris got a Superfly? Yep, a 2009. Merry Christmas!

Chris and a couple of his favorite things.


KanyonKris said...

I know those trails - that's a sweet route you rode. How was coming down Battlecreek? It can get more than a little spicy.

What is "the log"?

KC said...

The log is a log. It lays by the parking lot of the shooting range in Orem--by Bonneville. It is in the weeds just next to the single track that connects the parkig lot to the road. We ride it everytime we do Bonneville. I have to limit myself to five attempts or I would spend hours playing on it. I usually get a couple of good attempts in each set of five.

Brad said...

That's one nice lookin bike - and Mountain Dew!

KanyonKris said...

OK, I know that old telephone pole. I'd never thought to play on it, but next time up there I'll give it a go.