Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay, so I just want to make sure everyone understands that the Utahns are faster than Californians comment was simply an example of our flippant, joke-ful (is that a word?) attitudes. We have done several local races as a duo team and were a bit apprehensive about the competition in another area. With the weather in California as it is, we assumed that the ability of the locals to train would have given them an advantage. The comment was not meant to be offensive or to imply that we feel we are better than anyone else. We understand that we just happened to have a good day on the bike and ended up doing more laps. We have had days on the bike where we were not as successful which allows us to truly appreciate the good days like what we recently experienced. Again our apologies for any misunderstanding.

We got out for a night ride tonight and it was COLD. I am looking forward to tomorrow and riding in the light and hopefully sunshine.


StupidBike said...

Well we are faster aren't we. Except when I get a flat tire and hike for 45 minutes.

Racer Jared said...

bob, we were kickin some california A before that happened.

KC any one offend by your statement probably was just a little miffed about being beat by a girl.