Friday, December 19, 2008

I am not in Moab. I should have completed one day of riding with two more on deck. That did not happen though. I suppose I am to blame. We were scheduled to take the trip with several fellow riders--Keith, Adam, Karl, Carson, Jesse, and Scott. On Thursday, I mentioned to the group in an email that we should be cognizant of the weather and I had planned to call a local bike shop in Moab to check trail conditions. Within a couple of hours, they had thrown in the towel on the whole thing.
Karl came to the rescue though. He was not going to let his free weekend go to waste. He kindly suggested that we head up to his cabin in Bear River to enjoy the winter weather. He mentioned snow mobiling, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing. While this varies from our normal activities, Chris and I thought it sounded MUCH better than staying home and not doing anything. Tim and Carson agreed also. Karl and Carson were able to leave this morning. Chris, Tim and I left this afternoon. It took us an hour to get from Tim's house in southern Provo to North Orem--maybe ten miles on the highway. Traffic due the storm that was hitting was ridiculous. The traffic report towards Salt Lake was even worse. We turned around, took Tim home and called Karl to let him know it was a no go. He pretty much expected it was coming.
We have one more chance...Saint George. Chris checked the weather and it is looking good. Tim is on board. Chris is pretty determined. Wish us luck!

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ER Dog said...

Soooo any luck? We had a good time and workout snowshoeing and snowmobiling but were thinking the whole time that we should have been biking. I'll stay tuned for a report.