Sunday, December 21, 2008

It was a St. George trip like none other. As we approached there was a blanket of white which we hoped would disappear. It did somewhat. We were advised by Lynda to try either Paradise or Church Rocks. We opted to start at Paradise. The trail was not bad at all; it was really pretty clear.

Just patchy snow off of Paradise

Snowy mountain tops in the distance

View from Paradise

An arch of off Paradise

More patchy snow
A contrast of color

After Paradise, we headed to Church Rocks. The parking lot was pretty snowy, but once we got out on Propsector and headig towards Church Rocks it was not bad. We got a little turned around on the first lap, but that is par for the course--or trail if you would. We then did it in the opposite directions and were able to stay on the trail.
Church Rocks parking lot

And no trip would be complete with out a trip to the LBS (local bike shop). We tend to like Red Rock Bicycle because Doug Rock works there. Chris needed to bleed his brakes because they kept fading on him.

We then hit Barrel Roll. As we were throwing our bikes together Chris realized his brake problems were not over. While he did find quite a bit of air while he bled them. It appears to be leaking some too. He was going to sit this one out.
A very snowy view from Barrel Roll

There was some snow on the trail

Another view from the trail

And more snow on the trail
Not all of Barrel Roll was ridable. There was some hiking though ankle deep snow. It was not that cold when I left the car so I did not have my booties. After hiking, riding, hiking, riding, and hiking and riding some more my feet were wet and cold. We did not ride as much as I would have hoped, but at least there was some riding. And while the weather was chilly, it was not necessarily cold which was very nice.


Keith said...

What's the common feeling for such things...? A bad day biking is still better than a good day doing most anything else. I'm jealous, Adam and I did about 2.5 hours of snowshoeing and it's just not the same. Glad you were able to get a bit of riding in.

Dave Harris said...

Wow! I put my MTBs away recently and have become a roadie. It's temporary to be sure but we didn't have any periods like this last winter. Camp Lynda routes are looking to be on red rock this year ;)

Brad Mullen said...

It's good to see you didn't let a little snow keep you down. Looks like a fun trip.