Monday, January 26, 2009

I am so excited to be home. Although, I have to say that I loved Denmark. Copenhagen was amazing. If I were to take a European vacation, that would be the place. I would definitely do it in the spring or summer so I could do all my commuting by bike. Just a few kroner and you can borrow one, upon appropriate return money is refunded. I would be all about that. What better way to explore a fascinating city. The canals, the architecture, cobble streets, everything was so amazing. It was cold though and rainy in the morning. People were still commuting by bike though. Bikes and bike racks everywhere. They even had double decker racks in places.

Outside a store with a funny name.

One of my favorite sculptures from Thorvaldsen

The original Christus

A canal in Copenhagen

A beautiful city

So while I was gone, I dreamed of riding...outside. It was rainy and cold everywhere we went in Europe. The weather at home had started to pick up, although inversion was setting in. I was revving up for a long road ride to celebrate being home. But Mother Nature would not have it. Another storm hit dropping additional white from the skies and it does not look as though it is melting and drying out today. I am still glad to be home though.
I will add photos to my posts from last week.


Olivia said...

Welcome home! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

KC what a fun trip!! Glad you made it back safe. When are we going to get together??