Friday, January 23, 2009

So Budapest was amazing. It had beautiful architecture and I was only able to see it from a taxi. It was a whirlwind trip. Fly-in, train (unfortunately on products and not on a bike), eat, sleep, train, and fly-out. That is all I had time to do. I would go back though and I would want to fly Malev.

A statue representing their indepedence

A view of Pest from Buda
My favorite airlines, Malev

While part of me wishes flying out meant home to spend time with Chris, the other part is excited to be in Denmark. I like Denmark. Granted I have seen none of it. We flew into Copenhagen after dark, got to the hotel, slept, walked across the street to our local office and then trained all day. (It is 7 pm.) But outside the office was a huge bike rack full of bikes and it was cold and rainy. There are traffic lights specifically for bikes and the hotel has a community bike. I hope to throw my leg over one tomorrow if even for a minute. Tomorrow there is no training, no flights, just time. I am excited to get out and see a little bit more than I can see from a car window.
Chris is, of course, at Camp Lynda. I have missed it for a second year in a row. Maybe next year though; this year Europe called.

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dug said...

budapest has a subway that is over 100 years old, and still operating. they used to use a donkey to pull the cars.

i'm not saying you should try it. but maybe.