Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So we went to St. George for a final hurrah before heading out of the country. It was delightful. We left 13 degree temps and rode in a sunny 60 degrees only to return to 13 degrees again. We rode for close to five hours. Racer, Kevin, Joseph, Carson, and Karl, Chris and I started around 10 am for a lop onthe race course. Then we did Zen. I endoed. It was slow but it was enough to robe me of my confidence. I fumbled a couple of descents which was frustrating. As we finished Zen, Sabrosa Jon met up with us.

Chris coming around a corner

Our usual stop at the look out

Jon then guided us to Barrell Roll. This was Chris' dream to get to Barrell Roll without having to drive.

Carson descending

Racer and Jon (look at that Utah sky--I love it!)

On Barrell Roll, Chris had tire issues which was odd. Then it got really weird because I too had tire issues. My issue was in the tread, so Stan's eventually fixed it. Chris had a sidewall issue; he swapped in a tube. I had more bike handling issues in a place I should not have. I was messing with my fork a bit later and think it was the cause. It was not rebounding smoothly at all. It was hesitating, so I locked it out. Whether psychological or not this seemed to help.

A regrouping on Barrell Roll

After Barrell Roll, Jon and Racer returned to the vehicles, but not before Jon sent us on Black Brush. It was great--amazing views, good climbs, and technical mix. We will have to do this one again.

Then we took some dirt roads back to the cars. Upon reaching the car we realized everyone was down for the weekend. Tons of Revolution guys (and Jen) were there, Alex, and other ICUP frequents. The big question was what are you riding tomorrow. I felt bad for Chris because we had to come home so I could catch a plane. He did have a birthday party to get to the next day (Happy Birthday Leslie!). It was a great trip before a long exercising hiatis.

Speaking of which I had better get some physical activity in quick or I am going to burst. Tomorrow morning (it is 10:20 pm here) I leave Brussels for Budapest. I am pretty excited for Hungary.

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