Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturday was the Red Rock Rampage in St. George. I always love this race. Maybe it is simply because of what it represents--the start of a new season, reuniting with friends, or just really pushing on the bike again. The course is one of my favorites. I love climbing the washes and and final descent is so much fun. And Saturday's race did not disappoint.
I felt good on the bike. I some slight cramping or pre-cramping issues on my last lap. This always makes me nervous because nothing outside of crashing is worse than cramping. The course had a couple of changes that appeared to be mandatory. I did not really take any time to understand it but there appears to be new fencing or something where the old route was. I was not opposed to the changes though. I also rode with a new saddle. I think it will work for me. Not as comfortable, but lighter than some other options.
During the race I would catch some of the expert guys on the climbs and then they would pass me at the descents. It made for a fun race. I felt good. I ended up getting caught and bumped down a place just before the finish line by Erika Powers. This same thing happened in a cyclo-cross race this winter.
Here are some photos-

So I am taking away a few things from this race:
1. I think I need to lose some weight.
2. I need to be more aware of my surroundings--look over my shoulder.
3. Consume electrolytes before the race.
4. Finish strong.


Grizzly Adam said...

I am excited to be racing again!

Cramerifico said...

You did awesome out there. Hey there are a bunch of girls getting together tonight for a ride. It will be a pretty chill ride and you should come. We're meeting at 6:30 at Timpanogos Park to ride the old race track. Invite friends if you want to or just show up. We'll be taking lights to get some extra riding in.

South County Ciclista said...

I wish I could have hung with you when you passed me. I was motivated enough, just too much brake rub had shot my legs.