Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just like old times, Chris and I met up after work, headed to Timp Park and hit the trails. It really was better than expected. I did not feel so good riding wise. I really need to take a recovery day or something. It would be a shame to rest on these unseasonable beautiful days though.
So we climbed the old race course. There were a couple of snow, wet, and/or mud sections, but not bad. I thought the descent would be pretty muddy, so we decided to head up to the upper road. I had it on good authority from a runner in the parking lot that it was in good condition. He was right.
We headed towards the shooting range to jump on Bonneville Shoreline. As we approached I could not help but smile, we were going to ride the log. My balance, speed, or chi was not right and I never got very far but I still had fun playing on it. Chris was centered though and went four for four.
On Bonneville we ran into the Moffits and Company. After exchanging some pleasantries we were off again. Just a few muddy patches on the way to Dry Canyon. Again, I could feel a smile and excitement creeping up. I was going to ride the stairs.
Chris went up and did the Pipe and then came down the stairs. I just did the stairs and waited for him. While waiting, Kenny, Aaron, and Larry showed up. It was like old times meeting up with everyone on the trail. The Moffits came by again. I went to do the stairs again because Chris was not back yet. Everyone dispersed, Chris and I regrouped and we headed back on Bonneville to the road. We came down Dragon's Back. It started off pretty wet, but the descent was perfect.
Ahh...a great third of March on the bike.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. Chris is making an effort to show his true emotions in these pictures.

Chris is happy to be riding by Arches National Park

Amasa all time fave

Chris and Brad are happy after riding Bar B

Happy Chris on Amasa Back--before his flat tire

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