Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Went to Moab with Brad Mullen this past weekend. It was good--I got sunburned kinda good. Brad had his knee cleaned (scoped) in November and is still getting back into riding form. I think he is being smart by being cautious as he again has Leadville in his sights. Because the plan was to go down with Brad, I assumed we would be taking it easy and decided to make it a single speed (rigid) weekend. Chris apparently agreed and followed suit.
This trip ended a up a bit different than most. Brad was kind enough to chuaffeur us to the start of our ride. We would ride it and then meet him as he was finishing up on his ride. Not having Brad there to pace us as I had previoulsy presumed made single speeding brutal. The fault is my own because I have no discipline on a bike, I really struggle with keeping my effort in control. If Chris is in front of me, I push to try and keep up. If he is behind me, I push to keep from slowing him down. I suppose I could not ride with Chris, but it is my favorite thing to do.
None the less after riding from town to Sovereign trail and then Amasa Back to Gemini Bridges Road, I was spent. Not so much my legs, but my arms again. Then we did go out and hit Bar B which is tons better than Circle O or Rockin' A. It has a much more natural flow to it.
Anyway, getting back on my SuperFly felt so good yesterday. It was soft and smooth. Granted the Bonneville Shoreline is much smoother than most of Moab. I also rode it solo (no Chris) so I could go slow spending the majority of time in my small chain ring.


Aaron said...

What parts of the shoreline are dry right now? I'm heading up there this afternoon.

KC said...

We have been riding the portion from the Y Parking Lot to Springville. I have heard that North of the shooting range is also rideable, but I have not actually ridden it yet.

GenghisKhan said...

Just surfin' the web--good to see another Friend of Fatty out gettin' some good rides in!