Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a beautiful, glorious day in Moab. We left town and rode up Sand Flats road to Porcupine Rim from the lower entrance. On the way, Larry Tucker said hi--he was shuttling. Chris told him real mountain bikers ride up and said shuttlers are pansies. Larry is not a pansy though, he just had his knee replaced. That is hard core.

Ready? Let's hit the trail

The parking lot to Porcupine had 43 cars in it. More than we have ever seen.

Porcupine Rim was so much fun. It was in great condition. We tried to limit stops and just see how long it would take. We made it back in under 3 hours of ride time. We had two stops--one bathroom break for me and a quick bite. I remembered to stop my timer for lunch. While we stopped to eat, a guy from Quebec caught up to us. He said we were riding like "hell". I think that means good in Canadian. I felt I was riding smooth. Chris always looks fluid on his bike. He then followed us from the narrowing to single track to the bottom. We lost him someplace on the road back. Speaking of which there is a nice new bike path for a big chunk of the ride back to the highway. It was great to be away from traffic.
There must have been some unicycle festival or something. There were more unicyclist than mountain bikers on Porcupine. They were everywhere with there little wheels. That would be so hard. It was crazy to see them try to ride. I did feel guilty riding my bike though. I felt I was having lots more fun than they were simply because the trail was ridable on two wheels.
We got a bite to eat from the city market and then headed to Amasa Back. This is when the sun really warmed up. It was so warm, but not hot. I was able to ride a couple spots for the first time today. I had some great flow after Porcupine. It was a great day all around.

Chris happy to be at the top of Amasa Back


Wolf said...

After I saw you and Chris, we got to the upper trailhead of the Porcupine Singletrack where it connects from the Kokepelli Trail. Just as we were getting ready to go, over 50 unicyclists took off in front of us. It was like roller derby trying to get by them all on the s. track. Pretty amazing watching them ride Porcupine Rim. All in all a great ride on a great day.

South County Ciclista said...

Last year I was down there the same weekend as the unicycle world convention. They were on the slickrock trail and I was amazed. I will stick to 2 wheels.