Saturday, April 04, 2009

We are in Saint George. We came down yesterday morning in the snow and rain. It was crazy. Chris kept saying that he wanted to travel and not worry about the weather. After we got to Cedar City we anxiously awaited the clearing. It never really came. It was raining in St. George! We just hung out for a bit until Chris' family made it down. They made it safely and we checked in to the hotel--which is this cute little 1970's looking suite.
The weather broke so we headed out to Church Rocks. That seemed really odd to me. We always ride this trail last which means we are spent. Riding it fresh made me feel like I was the strongest I have ever been. (I am sure that is not true though.) I was also taking it a bit easy because there is a race today.
We parked just off the I-15 in Washington and took the path to the tunnel. The tunnel seemed crazy dark and even darker on the return trip. The weather looked a bit threatening, but it held off until we got back to the car. It was a nice 90 minute pre-ride.
Today looks good weather wise. I have attempted to get and stay hydrated. I even had some hot CarboRocket for breakfast. It is so good. I have only had the raspberry lemonade warm, but it is delightful.

Here are some pictures from our stop in Cedar City:

Some ice build up

We should have broken some laws with the car like this, they never would have been able to identify us.

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