Sunday, May 31, 2009


Every once in a while someone will say something that really makes me feel good. Chris will do this from time to time. He won't mean much by it, but he will simply comment on something and it makes me soar.
Lynda Wallenfels one time mentioned that she would be willing to do a DUO race with me. I really admire her and she is pretty paticular about team mates, so I took this as a big compliment. I have a pretty good race partner for the time being though and so does she.
I got another one yesterday on the podium of the Sundance ICUP race. As Amanda Carey stepped on to the top step, she told me that I made her nervous all race. Coming from Amanda--who is crazy fast--this is a huge compliment for me. I am sure I started beaming after that.
I had a good race. I love the Sundance course even with its difficult passing and everything. I felt I climbed pretty well, even though two expert women beat me to the single track on the first lap. I descended really smooth too. The course was only dusty in a few spots and the temps were perfect. It was a great day all around.
We were staged much later than normal. Most of the Sport guys were in front of us. I thought they were really great about letting us pass. It was much better than Wednesday's race. I am trying to be more aggressive about passing at Chris's promptings and direction. In the past if I was catching a guy towards the top of a climb I would not pass him assuming he would descend faster than I do. Yesterday, I was all about getting by. If they were going to catch me then we would figure it out on the descent. It worked out well for me and I don't remember holding anyone up.
Chris had a good race also. He took 3rd. On the way home, he said he could be done racing his bike because he finally felt good at Sundance. He loves this course, but has not felt good racing his bike at this race for the past couple of years. Yesterday, he felt strong. I don't think he is really done racing his bike though--I hope not.

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