Friday, May 29, 2009

Riding in the Wild Kingdom

Last year I was riding my bike at Sundance and I saw a hawk pick up its kill off the trail. It was crazy. I have been riding up there and scared these birds from their hiding places in the brush. Tonight I was pre-riding the course and came upon a wild turkey in the middle of the trail. She jumped up as I approached. She had been covering atleast seven lil' chicks. They scattered with about half going off the trail to the left and the others going to the right. This then confused said mother and us. The bird did not seem to know what to do to gather her lil' ones. We were not sure whether or not she was going to attack us. I have always heard how mean turkeys are. She finally veered off the trail after a couple of minutes and we snuck by. It was nuts.

Last weekend it became very apparent that snake season is upon us. I have yet to see any on the trails, but I saw two snakes on the pavements. I would much rather see road snakes than trails. The snakes that I have seen on the trail are much scarier--rattlers; road snakes have not made any scary noises. I hate snakes!

A snake on the road

Another snake on the Springville path

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Blackdog said...

Check out my site. I have seen numerous snakes this year in the Corner Canyon area. I too hate snakes. Today I did not see any snakes but I did see about 10 or so lizards. They were all on the lower double track of last week's race. I had no idea that there were that many lizards in Draper.