Monday, June 15, 2009

After Deer Valley, we grabbed a bite to eat and hung out in PC for a bit. Then we headed to the airport. As we descended Parley's Canyon we hit the perfect storm. I am not sure I have ever seen that much water fall from the sky since leaving the midwest. And even the storms from IL were never much worse. It was crazy. Cars pulling off to the side of the road. Big waves of water crashing on the wind shield from fellow motorists. There was even a guy on a motorcycle who pulled off. Hopefully, he made it. We could not stop; I had a plane to catch.
Today, I went for two rides. One with wings and one on wheels. Wings came first though.
My Dad got his pilot's license after he retired. He has a plane--a tomahawk. It is a lil' two seater. Flying in it is really different than a commercial plane. This felt more like we were floating than flying even though we were still traveling over 100 mph (I think he said around 90 knots.) I got to pull the plane out of the hanger manually. My Dad seemed a bit surprised when I asked if I could. I felt like I was in one of those strongest man competitions, but they just pull cars--pansies. Then the wheels hit the grass. I lost the momentum from the concrete and Dad had to help; maybe those Scandinavian guys are strong. I think he may have laughed at me. I cannot blame him though.

Pretending to be a co-pilot (I was leaving for a bike ride right after, hence the jersey)

Dad doing the preflight check

A quick touchdown in Delevan

After we got back, I went with my Mom and her friend Princess (yes, I believe that is her real name) for a bike ride. I did not bring any of my bikes, so I borrowed an old one from the family--a Murray Mtn Shadow. It was a different sort of ride. But it had two wheels and rolled, so there were no complaints. We hit this trail in Capron and rode an out and back of 11 miles (22 total I was told). It was really green. It reminded me of Germany when I rode there. It was pretty kickback, but that bike was heavy. I was also pretty hungry at times. I need to remember to bring a snack with me next time.

The trail (fuzzy, I know)

Sweet Mtn Shadow with kickstand and everything

Those shifters don't click! How do you shift? I didn't.

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Sounds like you are having fun.