Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday, my mom and I went for another bike ride. This one was in Hebron and was a bit faster. There was one little pitch as we returned, that my Mom attacked like a pro. She did great. She has this sixth sense about knowing when the trail moves up or down. She will call it out, "up hill". I would miss it otherwise. Honestly, even when she tells me I am not sure what she is talking about 75% of the time. She can feel it though.

My mom posing at the turn around point

Kamikaze toad that just about took my Mom out

Then she took Jac and I canoeing. Jac is here too on a two week leave from the Army. It has been fun engaging him in banter. Just like the old days, but now we are old. We drove through some sprinkles into Wisconsin. We put in the Wisconsin River just outside of Clinton. I think it took us around an hour and half to reach our destination. It was really cool. I only wish the sun would have been out.

The Girls boat

Jac chillin as he gets a new bowman

My mom is pretty cute

As we approached a bridge

Lily pads

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