Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday took a surprising turn. It started off as I expected. We went for a bike ride and this time Jac joined us. (Yes, I realize he has committed the cardinal sin and not worn a bike helmet. I am working on it.) We essentially did the other end of the trail that we hit on Monday. There was a bit of head wind coming back. This trail is apparently much more flat than yesterdays. (More flat?)

We came back and ate lunch. Then we went to shoot some guns. Now I never pictured myself as a gun person. Yeah, I have shot stuff before. Dad took us out once or twice growing up. In college, I went with some friends and we shot stuff by the lake. I never really have given it much thought since then. And I probably would have graciously declined most invitations. This was my Dad and brother asking though and it almost seemed like a challenge. And I like challenges.

They asked me what I wanted to shoot. I had no idea. Handguns? Sure. Bigger? Sure. We started off with a 30-30 Winchester. That thing has kick. I did not really like it so much. We each got just a couple of rounds.

Then it was time for the handguns. We started off with the .45 Caliber Springfield XD. I thought I would really like this gun as Jac was showing it to me. It reminded me of Hunter and I loved that TV show growing up. I can't shoot like Hunter though.

My divots well before the target

Then we moved on to the .22 Caliber Ruger Mark III. Looking at it, I thought it was "pretty". I always imagined I would like something tougher. I really like this gun though. It was light and easy to handle--and I could hit targets. My dad said that we would leave this to me in his will. I am in no hurry, but would not mind breaking it out again.

We came back in and the guys started cleaning their guns. I watched as they ridded their firearms of dust and potential corrosion. Jac looks up at me as he is meticulously finishing and asks if I want to shoot an AK47. And my head said no. Then he and Dad launch into some tirade about how Princess' (my Mom's friend) daughter did it. Something, something she liked it; she didn't. I don't know. So again it seemed like a challenge. So the answer was yes. I thought for sure it would have power and kick like the Winchester. What was I getting myself into...

Jac brings it out. We head back behind the house and set the targets (pieces of wood on an old rusty, shot up barrel). Jac shows me how it is done. I am still apprehensive, but here it goes. I loved it. It was awesome.

Jac shooting the AK47

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Keith said...

Well at least you know where to turn for ammo and arms when the zombies or the dems start attacking. Looks like you had fun.