Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Snowbird ICUP race course was in great shape today. The new single track that was added is delightful. I loved it.
I was a bit surprised at who was there today. Last year, I raced--well, really just rode--the course by myself. No one else showed up. I honestly did not expect many to show. I knew Erika had done a pre-ride so I assumed she would be there and she was. Kenda was represented by both Kathy and Heather. Sarah from Roaring Mouse also showed up. On the start line, I figured I would be racing for fourth place.
So we took off and, of course, Kenda took the quick lead. Sarah was not far behind. Coming out of the first single track, there was a small gap between the Kenda girls and Sarah who had a small gap on me. As we went through the new single track climb I thought I might be picking up some time. I rode the loosed dirt descent pretty smooth and the single track descent was a blast. I continued to make up time. Going through the start finish I was right behind her. I was content for the time being keeping pace. Entering the single track again I was still feeling good-- nice and smooth. Sarah bobbled and I was able to pass her. Now I was nervous about her catching me. So I pushed and pushed.
It started to drizzle some. My glasses don't seem to handle rain so well. They get steamed up, spotted and muddy. It can be difficult to see. This puts me in a conundrum--loose the glasses which will impair my sight as they are prescription or ride with impaired 20/20 vision. Because they are prescription I prefer to not hook them on my jersey or slide them in a pocket. I would rather they not fall, get scratched or otherwise damaged permenantly impairing my vision. I kept them on. It was difficult to see the trail though. On the final single track portion I had two guys right behind me. My pedal hit a rock and there was another big rock in front of me. My bike jumps off the trail. I thinking that I am in big trouble. I was able to keep from falling further down the side of the mountain. The two guys get by--which is good because I was looking for some place to let them pass--they ask if I am okay. And comment that it was a good save. I am relieved that it did not go much, much worse. Exiting the single track, I toss my glasses to Bart who is spectating and ride the final lap without them. (Thanks again Bart.) I think it was a good choice.
I was able to keep third place. (Ahh...I heart CarboRocket!) I was so nervous about getting caught. I was also apprehensive as there has not been a race for a bit. My first two laps felt good; the last one was a struggle, but that is racing. Solitude next week--ugh!
Hopefully, I will get some pictures.

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