Friday, July 03, 2009

We got up early to ride Nebo this morning. The hope was to avoid traffic and it worked. We rolled out a little after 5 am with Tim. I did not feel so good on the climb. I actually felt better and better as we rode. It was a humid morning which made my glasses fog up relentlessly. The views were amazing today though when I would kept them to un-fog.
Chris and I both had the day off, so it made sense to do something like this. I knew we would want to avoid Provo as this is their big celebration weekend. Chris made me nervous yesterday though. He has not been feeling good on the bike for a while. I called him on my way back from Ride Like a Girl and he said he may not be up to it. My heart sunk. I thought about doing it solo, but was not sure I dared. He decided that he would start it and see how he felt. If it was another bad day, he would turn around. He apparently felt better, thankfully.
We finished in 4:50 ride time (this included kodak moments, but not major stops) and approximately 5:20 total time. I wish we had an opportunity to ride it more often, but we try to avoid traffic as much as possible.
As we approached the Koholowo turn off I thought about how much I would like to ride my bike to girl camp sometime. I would need to hike in some though because there is a couple of miles on a gravely dirt road. That poses a small problem. Then I came up with lyrics to express this sung to the tune of "These boots are made for walking" chorus. (I was in choir in high school to ensure I had lunch with my friends.)
These boots aren't made for walking.
That's just not what they do.
These boots aren't made for walking.
They'll ride right up to you.
Obviously boots in this scenario are referring to my bike shoes. That is just how my mind works when Chris rides off and leaves me alone.

An early morning view towards the summit

The clouds were so cool looking

A rock formation across from our bathroom break

One last look from the road to Nephi

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Keith said...

Sounds like a good ride. We spent a similar amount of time riding the PC loop. Spiro-Thaynes-Crest-Mid Mountain back to PC. It was amazing, tight fast singletrack, great well packed climbs. Wish you two could have come with us, but it sounds like you had just as good a time on Nebo.