Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday was Solitude. As I lined up, there was no one else in my category around. I did not anticipate a big group as it was nationals this weekend. The individuals from the groups in front and behind me started to tease me about not having any competition. I was tempted to ask Ed if I could go with either the group ahead or behind me. I knew if I did not leave with a group it would be harder to race. Luckily though Roxanne showed up on the line. I was really grateful.
I raced hard and did well. I did not descend as well as I did during Wednesday preride, but then again I was pretty exhausted from racing up to the top. I struggled through a couple of rocky sections having to put a food down which was frustrating. The course was a lot of fun though.
It was a hot race. And before the race, it was apparent that I was not as hydrated as I probably should have been. I did attempt to remedy this, but still on my first lap I got a bit apprehensive. I started downing the CarboRocket. No more issues the rest of the race.

Just got a hand up. Thank you Robin.

Coming through the start finish area

Chris getting a hand up and apparently asking for more (it was a hot one)

Chris coming through the start finish

Chris had a mechanical--he broke his chain. During the fix, he dropped half his quick link and could not find it. So a quick fix turned into a much longer one. He was able to climb back into 5th place though.

After the race and podiums, we went on a ride. We have not done much Leadville training and are starting to get a bit nervous about it. So Chris planned a post-race ride for us up the canyon. We are not familiar with the area and talked Karl into showing us around. (We are better at mountain biking than orienteering.) We got all packed up with camelbacks and everything (lots of food) and started up the road. I was in a spot of bother--I did NOT feel good. My legs started to come around as we ascended a dirt rode--puke hill or something. At the top of the dirt road, we assessed the situation. I agreed to traverse the ridge for a bit as long as it was rolling. I did not want to do a big descent and have to climb back up. (I can be such a wimp sometimes.) After some rolling single track, Karl told us this was where the fun started. Although he had attempted to tell us a couple of times, it finally dawned on us that descending with him would put us just a couple of miles below Solitude. With this understanding, we decided to carry on as opposed to going back the way we came. It was a fun down hill section; much better than "bombing the fire road".
I did not enjoy the climb back up to the car so much, but it was worth it. I was excited to make it back though. And as our reward...Mi Ranchito. Delish. Thank you "Desmondo".

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StupidBike said...

you did, what I call the Mill D loop, we did a modified version of that today, Mill D is where you descend back to the road, it is much better starting there:)