Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheaters never prosper

I cheated last night and did not keep with the "one speed Wednesday" adage. I had a good reason though. I planned on riding my toy bike on Saturday. Chris, in his wisdom, suggested that I do a "practice" race on the bike before debuting it at the ICUP series. I have ridden it, but race pace is much different.
It did not go so well. I had two laps to do last night at Sundance--a course I know very well. I flew off the bike on the first lap just before turning the corner to the exposed side of Archie's Loop. Yes, I realize there is nothing there that should have made this happen. Keith was right behind me and said that I caught a rock with my front tire which took it out from under me and I was air born. I love physics. Several guys got past me as I collected myself. I went into a couple of corners with too much speed and almost overshot them. The brakes work well, but the tires are low volume requiring more inflation.
On the road climb, I saw Chris waiting for me. He had some mechanical issues with his pedal that required him to swap it out mid race. He rode behind me for the second lap. I had no intention of telling him I went down. When he asked how I was I said good because I felt good in my legs and lungs. He had a front seat for my second incident. I cleared the climbs and was feeling much more smooth. On the descent there is a section called the rock drop. It is not that bad and can ride it normally. The second time down though again my front wheel slid out. Down I went.
I like the bike, but I am swapping the front tire. I just need something with more grip. Apparently, I don't have the skills to ride skinnier tires up front on little wheels. And maybe I should keep to one speed Wednesdays.


Keith said...

Funny, but I was also bereating myself for not taking the SS last night as it seemed to work well two weeks ago. After your crash and my attempt to make up ground I found myself settling into a comfortable pace rather than having to push as the SS would require. Still a good evening, but you always wonder if a different choice could have been the difference, fuel, hydration, bike, wheels, whatever.

Brucie said...

If you want to go flying, talk to Dad.