Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shaky Start to Single Speed Season

Single Speed season has begun. It officially started for me after the Mt. Ogden 50K. I will be honest it did not start out very well. I felt terrible the first ride. I have ridden it periodically through out the summer, but that first ride I was so weak, tired, unmotivated, etc. I took a day off and then commuted home via my single speed road bike--my old Rogue. I then started to feel better, but I pinched my front tire coming down Dragon's Back. I never pinch flat. Well, never is an exaggeration but not so often. Luckily, it was on a very, very worn tire.
On Thursday, we met up with Keith, Jared, Derek, Kevin, and Ian and hit the Ridge Trail. As we started ascending what Keith affectionately refers to as Jurassic Park, Ian was behind me. He called me a "beast". I got a giggle from this. In what other setting would a female take being referred to as a beast as a good thing. When I finally caught my breath, I told him that while I was not completely sure what he meant by it, but I was taking it as compliment. He said that it was meant as such.
After reaching the top of the Alpine Loop, we rode Horse Flats. Just before crossing the road, I ended up air born. It was decided that my pedal caught a branch on the ground. As a perfect example of physics (objects in motion, me, tend to stay in motion), my bike stopped but I did not. I felt like it took forever to hit the ground as I had time to think that this was really going to hurt. It was not that bad though--just an abrasion on the elbow and a little something on the thigh.
Today we hit Corner Canyon. We parked in Alpine and climbed Hog Hollow descending into the network of trails. We did Ghost Falls a couple of times. I TT'd Clarks (11:30) at Chris' recommendation. I initially told him no but ended up doing it anyway. That about killed me. I felt good on the bottom portion and then died up top. I am not sure what else we rode. We probably missed a lot of the fun stuff because we just don't know about it. We need to meet up with a local to show us around next time
Single Speed season is going to be much shorter this year. We are not doing single speeds at the 24 Hours of Moab this year. We will do the Single Speed Challenge at Sundance and maybe I will SS 12 Hours; I have not decided yet.


UtRider said...

That's a nice time! What gear were you running?I posted it to the Clarks TT blog and you're now in 1st place for the women. Did Chris do the tt too? I need to get him on the blog. If he hasn't already I'm sure he could go sub-10 without much trouble.

ER Dog said...

I TT'd Clarks fri at 11:18. You ARE a beast! A cute one though.

dug said...

hog hollow. not hogs hollow. i'm just sayin.

KC said...

Thank you Dug.

Keith said...

Just like Frank is not Frank's or Franks or Frankie, just Frank. Not that you have a problem with that. FYI, didn't get the crash on Video KC, sorry, batteries died. Would have liked to have caught it so see how spectatcular it really was.