Saturday, August 08, 2009

We just got back from PC. Chris' mom let us stay in their time share last night. We had a kick back evening and a lazy morning. The later start this morning let it warm up a bit before hitting the trails as it was a cooler day. We headed up to Mid Mountain through last week's race course. Then we traversed the trail from the Canyons to Deer Valley. It was a blast. I felt good--much better than the quick spin we did on the Midway trails last night. Although I have to say I really enjoyed Barrel. That was my favorite. The "Challenger" trails were pretty overgrown. Maybe they do not see the traffic that some of the others do.
The one draw back of the ride we did today though was the traffic. There were so many more people on the trails than we are accustom to seeing. In fact, I almost took a guy out. We were cruising down a section and all of a sudden there was a guy coming up. I was able to scrub off some speed and avoid a head on by going to my left--he did the same. I felt really badly.
In total we put in 3.5 hours. I pushed pretty hard, but after taking some time off this week it felt good. Hopefully I will do a good job of recovering for Leadville.
Oh, and I am getting my VO2 Max tested on Monday. I won a free test from Peak Fitness & Performance at Solitude. That should be interesting.

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reabbotted said...

Good luck in Leadville. I'm expecting to see some pictures with Chris and KC on the back wheel of Lance next week.