Monday, August 03, 2009

The final ICUP was at the Canyons on Saturday. It was a later start around noon. We also did the half lap first which climbed the road to shake things out before entering single track. My category left with the Expert Men 40+. I have liked the few times we have done this.
Starting the race my legs did not feel good. They did not feel really bad either. I started towards the back of the pack but made my way through the group pretty well before we got to the top. There are some false flats on the course which I always hate. I descended pretty well.
I was surprised to see Heather Holmes while climbing the first full lap. I saw her for a bit on our second lap also. Then I lost her towards the top of the climb and on the descent. I ended up a minute and a half behind her. I was stoked with this finish.
Chris's Mom and Mike did hand ups for us. I finished a bit before Chris as he had more laps to do than I did. After a couple of minutes of my finish Kathy went to the finish line to wait for Chris. Mike said that she was getting nervous. I thought that was funny because he was not really "scheduled" to be in yet. He came in a couple of minutes behind Alex. He had a good race also even with an endo finishing seccond.

Chris climbing the road

Chris descending the last single track

Heather, Me, and Erika on the podium for the overall
(I did more races and essentially bought first place. I know how to work the system.)


russ said...

good job Holley's. good luck at Leadville.

Brad said...

Congrats on a great ICUP season & 1st place. You earned it.