Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Night Riding

Chris and I do not do a lot of night riding and it seems like when we do we usually have more than just the dark to overcome. Last night was no different. We had not been riding our bikes for five minutes when Chris broke the titanium spindle of his pedal. He was ticked. Luckily, the break happened on the dirt road climb above Timp Park. It is amazing that all three time he has broken his pedal it has been on easier sections and not while he has been coming down something steep and rocky.
Fortunately, we had our spare parts which included a set of pedals in the car. After a quick 10 to 15 minute swap we were ready to go again. We just rode the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Bridal Veil Falls to the top of the Burn Trail and back again. On the Burn Trail I hit a bird. It would probably be more accurate to say that a bird hit me. It was one of those little fluffy looking birds that sits on the edge of the trail until your front wheel gets right next to them. Then they freak out. This one flew up into my face and brushed up next to my right cheek. Craziness!
I could not get any flow descending. I was really off and cautious. It was more than the darkness though. There was something about the narrowness of the trail and the shadows that the brush cast. I could not get confident with speed. More practice is probably in order.

My bike with lights and ready to go.

Chris getting his lights set

Swapping pedals

The broken spindle reflecting light.

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